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Okay I get it

2009-09-06 18:33:16 by Egoraptor

Hey sorry shit happens I don't have time to PM and e-mail you all to assure you I'm who I am I have work to get back to, I appreciate the concern but it's been taken care of this was a minor inconvenience everything is better nothing has changed continue browsing NG thank you.

I apologize to all the art portal peeps who were fucked with it sucks I know it is completely my fault.

Anyway back to work!! <3


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2010-05-18 00:06:26

Sorry if i posted this already but i joined newground just for this competition and idk if it went thru, my bad n***a here is iyrius/nek-star-yama-sama-mara-myoo



2009-10-06 20:29:19

i gave you a pm that i think u shoould read,it had a great idea for a flash.


2009-09-30 08:17:30

Hey I knew who hacked you,it's Cr5bz!


2009-09-29 11:39:53

who the fuck would hack your account and mess up your profile thats just childish


2009-09-28 06:32:20

If it makes you feel any better, I lost $2 in a bet.


2009-09-27 18:35:42

hey, You didnt intend any of that shit to happen. If at all everybody should be pissed off at the Duck Division. At least other people know to be more careful now.


2009-09-27 14:55:18

sorry to hear about the hacking, hope you can get ur page back to normal,
btw love your work, awsome is, well awsome!


2009-09-27 12:48:45

<insert Bison clip here> YES! YES!


2009-09-25 17:02:01

Dude, keep up the great work, sorry to hear you had your work fucked with. I'm Looking forward to seeing more of your work for sure though. You have the best content on this whole site.


2009-09-23 03:42:20

Holy shit, i must've been hidden under a fucking rock i didnt heard of this. Damn man, im sorry to hear that. At least ye got yer account back and shit straightened out eh? Be safe dude. Peace.


2009-09-22 20:27:47

I love you will you bare my Children?


2009-09-22 11:35:49

Hello, I am a Spanish that has recently discovered this page, even not using it, but I like to get some drawings done by me, can you tell me how is it done?

Thank you.


2009-09-20 16:01:58

It's obvious that everyone here, insulting or not, wants you to respond to their comments. I'm no exception.


Egoraptor responds:



2009-09-19 14:46:16

What I meant before is this: The Duck Division did that on the portal before, I Saw it. But when I saw what happened on the Art Portal Front Page, I realized they went to Far! If some moderators read this, listen: We must Ban the DD Forever, or there will be more damage not only on artists like Ego here, but on the whole Newgrounds Website! WE MUST DO SOMETHING!!!


2009-09-19 14:38:26

WAITAMINNIT! You weren't the culprit, Arin! It was some other spammy flasher who took your Username! What I'm telling YOU is The Truth with a big "T"!!


2009-09-19 12:37:49

lol u probably just have to many e-mails to send


2009-09-19 03:47:05

Heh wow there are some bad trolls here XD

But seriously i DEMAND you scout me :P It's very annoying at the moment!


2009-09-18 19:57:12

wow i cant believe that anyone would want to be an asshole to you (talking about the hack or phish or what you kids call em these days and the comments left here) but you do leave some funny quips hope it really pisses them off :3


2009-09-17 12:44:10

its been a long time since the 'incident' but get yourself together dude: its time to work ^^


2009-09-16 19:45:47

Seems like u need a break and a good hooker. Go take some time off, don't appeal to fans who want to work u to death. If u need rest by all means go get some. What are they going to do protest?


2009-09-16 16:35:49

Your fault my fucking ass. Fuck the duck division.


2009-09-16 06:15:56

Is this why I got a nasty reply to the PM I sent you? Im not SO angry anymore...but man, talk about almost loosing a hardcore fan...

BUT, shit happens, glad to know youre not actually a dick.


2009-09-16 00:27:10



2009-09-15 00:06:19

no harm to me i cant even get scouted


2009-09-14 23:51:20

I would never give you MORE WORK! So I never sent any lame ass fan mail and expect a reply!!! Also, I have about the same exp as you, AWSOME!!!!


2009-09-14 23:14:09

Oh by the way on MGA2 the description on your favourites is sequel to the biggest shit. Just thought I'd let you know


2009-09-14 23:13:37

Prove you're really Egoraptor and that they haven't just completely taken over your account.


2009-09-14 18:28:51

why is every body calling u a retarded basterdly fagott


2009-09-13 17:44:17

looks like commenting your entries
turned to a mainstream o_O


2009-09-13 17:31:34

Oh boy... Egoraptor is back.[/sarcasm]


2009-09-13 17:10:51

Let's see... Egoraptor gets Phished.. DD did it.. and Tom Fulp has no way of getting DD off the site? Hm... odd.

Anyways, I'm glad that you're back, Ego... if it really is you. It's kinda hard to tell.

I hope to see some more amazing artwork.

Fuck DD,
-J Nipp


2009-09-13 10:24:45

@zabutei : what a lame exuse for it not being him... GRAMMATICAL ERRORS! :P Also I'm sure ego atm couldn't give two shits if a photo was uploaded to his profile. He probably has more important things to do than that. Like say... ANYTHING! I'm not trying to start a flaming war or anything but I'm sorry: it was pretty silly thing to post.


2009-09-13 03:26:47

Time to add to the list of neverending comments...

Fuck you, Egoraptor.

I only say that because it looks like you only reply to comments that insult you. But in reality, I masturbate to your Flashes. Not really, but they're good enough to masturbate to. Are you still going to be at Infinite Bits by the way, or did this hacking event somehow screw that up?


2009-09-13 01:45:23

Well,you're obviously aren't Egoraptor.
Like,how you don't use any comma's to separate you're words,which Egoraptor always does.
And how conveniently haven't put an icon or picture yet.
And Egoraptor doesn't delete messages,so if this message gets delete,you probably aren't Egoraptor.
I could really care less what you do to this account since Ego would just open a new account anyways and submit there,so yeah,go fuck yourselves,blah blah blah...


2009-09-13 01:40:38

What's wrong? What did you do?


2009-09-12 15:41:21

lol look at the guy new shape i think he thinks hes special cus he makes crappy flashes that get on FP mean yeah he puts messages or wtever in them but they arent really complicated


2009-09-12 01:01:47

"It's coo Bra."
"Thanks jesus.'


2009-09-11 22:55:18

Get well soon :3


2009-09-11 21:48:32

I see a lot of hate for this Duck Division. But why hate them? They don't exist as a group, and the members are automated accounts. Let's all just sit down, relax, visualize that the DD is fake, and let ol' Ego here get his priorities straight, ok? Okay.


2009-09-11 19:51:08



2009-09-11 18:16:32

I shall avenge you Egoraptor *takes out sword and looks dramatically* dun dun..


2009-09-11 17:13:35

Hm...I find myself having a mixed opinion about this whole thing. On one hand, your account got hacked or phished or whatever, which sucks, but on the other hand, at least from what I gather, you gave out some information you shouldn't have, which almost asks for it. In all honesty, I don't care, because my life doesn't revolve around Newgrounds. You made a mistake, which you admit to, you apologized for it, and you're trying to fix it. There's nothing else you can do. Shrug off all the shit that gets thrown at you and just recover from this. My only question, is why the fuck hasn't the DD been banned yet if we KNOW they did it? any case, I've always appreciated your Awesome series (Hate Girlchan...drives me crazy...), so keep up the good work and just hope this thing blows over.


2009-09-11 16:34:50

I can't believe someone would do that to you Ego, your my hero how could they i am gonna go cry in a corner, for your loss of favorites and things (Sob) (OH GOD) I hope thoughts jerks get banned but Live Strong Egoraptor LONG LIVE EGORAPTOR!!!!!


2009-09-11 16:13:54

egoraptor was hacked ? OMG


2009-09-11 11:16:54

Suck bro


2009-09-11 06:51:51

Omg holly shit dude this is scary what if they hacked Toms account? Then we would be officialy fucked. No offense but lucky it was you but also unlucky it wasnt a mod nobody has heard of. Still hope you can recover most your stuff


2009-09-11 06:35:12

Good your back. Hope you had your backup files handy.


2009-09-11 06:08:39



2009-09-11 06:05:23

Yeah! Egoraptor's back :3


2009-09-11 05:46:08

hey man, don't let internet comments get your blood pressure up. just keep making funny flashes...