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I use Adobe Flash CS4 to make my Flash cartoons.

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Comments (82)

nice wan san

nice oney

you should make the links open in a new tab. It'll keep people on your site for longer.
Just sayin.

they do bro

Ah, they do, except the facebook one.

oh shitstain you're right better fix that thanks bru

But i like pink.
What i dont like is flash websites and social networking site buttons.
Also im not too fond of you.
All in all this website of yours does not excite me.

I like pink too but it was time for a change imo

I'm sorry you have odd tastes in functionality and that you don't like me.

Why did you get rid of the PINK????

I know right?! I'm just bad at designing with pink I think.

i was wondering what happened last night.
AND YEAH why get rid of the pink? that's what made you fabulous :o

and how the hell do i navigate to your news post UGH ¬-¬


what news post, there's no blog on my website anymore silly

Which international and national cartoons have you voiced on? No joke I wanna see 'em, 'cuz I had no idea.

Snow White and Animaniacs.

Other than the now-fixed-facebook link, I must say the new website is quite crisp.
quite crisp indeed.

Thanks man I appreciate that :D

Oh yay, you're finally working on your demo. :) Did you still want me to mix it?

That would be really swell of you Sapph, if the offer's still open I'll definitely take you up on it. :)

So what are you thankful for?

I'm thankful for diarrhea jokes.

Yeah man add a demo so people who were living in thier basement for 30 years can know what you sound like!

I'm a household name, except for the basement.

Of course I'll do it. Just let me know when you get around to recording for them.

No seriously I'm not tryin' to be sarcastic, if imdb is outdated I just wanna know so I can check it out.

I wasn't on pokemon

I know you and Josh were shopping around your demos a couple years, did you guys end up getting gigs?

maaaan what does it matter bro I'm in a lot of things just because it was on some people's box in front of a couch instead of a computer chair doesn't make it anymore exciting

Dude that is like ..... the most detailed website ever :P

Wait you live in chicago? i lives in the subs :D

I live in Chicago? Woah man where'd you hear that?

But it IS exciting! I really wanted you two to start doin' this professionally 'cuz you deserve it.

I've been doing this professionally for years now man what are you some kinda putz

Referring to Kirbopher's comment: You were in a professional role though Ego, that's something.

it's neat man

Lolsorry i sorta woke up and looked back i read something wrong lol L:D i likes your animations and your art style that a better comment lol and website needs blog

Putz? Well I AM from New York.

But no seriously other than the game voices I've had no idea what you've been doing all this time, you gotta get a resume on there or something, or update your imdb so I can check 'em out.


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