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Egoraptor's News

Posted by Egoraptor - December 8th, 2011


Awww yeah spent a buncha time and love on this one I hope you likeadis!!

I think girlchan 4 is next, or a MAss Effect cartoon, or a new Sequelitis... aww fuck.

PokeAWESOME! Egoraptor's latest Awesome cartoon!


Posted by Egoraptor - November 1st, 2011

Hey check it, I made episode 2 of Sequelitis!

I would really love to upload it here but, you know, it's mostly video and less animation. Hope you guys like it! :)

I'm still animating. Things have been slow 'cause I moved to Palmdale and the move was pretty strenuous. I've got a Pokemon flash comin' out really soon, an then beyond that, Tomamoto has been urging me to finish Girlchan 4. Couldn't agree more!!

How you guys been?

Posted by Egoraptor - March 21st, 2011

Hey everyone!

I've got a new series out called Sequelitis! It's a funny and slightly educational look at sequels and the relationship they have with their predecessors, take a look! It's got animation, jokes, and YEAH!

Full-on animation has been a little slow lately which is why there's been a bit of radio silence on NG (and I'm kinda lazy) but it will pick up. Sequelitis Episode 2 is on the way, and after that, I'm thinkin Girlchan. It's about time I announced some shit about the Girlchan Character Contest. Yes there are winners!! There are actually THREE GRAND PRIZE WINNERS. Can you believe it?!?!?!?!?!?!

Also, the earthquakes in Japan really rocked shit up. Sharkrobot, Magfest and I teamed up to bring you a charity auction on Ebay where I will draw you anything you desire, and all proceeds will go to the Red Cross efforts in Japan! Sounds cool? Go bid!!

Make sure to follow me on Twitter (@egoraptor) and "Like" me on Facebook (Egoraptor on Facebook!) 'Cause I update there for a lot of miscellaneous things.

Posted by Egoraptor - January 28th, 2011

Yeah I just released AWESOME CHAOTIX I hope you guys like it!

It's about Knuckles Chaotix DUH right? Anyway I hope you guys dig it, it's quite the thrill if I do say so myself (it's not)

It contains a lot of music from Audio Portal guys and I wanna thank them for that, it really added to it I think and their tunes were perfect. Never really appreciated the audio portal in the past and now I'm starting to understand why it's so amazing.


GO WATCH!!!! <3<3<3


Posted by Egoraptor - January 18th, 2011

Newgrounds has just announced their epic trek onto the Youtubes! Check out and SUBSCRIBE to their channel!

Click here to visit the NEWGROUNDS CHANNEL on Youtube!

I've also had control of my own Youtube channel for quite some time where I post all my toons. Please SUBSCRIBE to my channel there too!

Click here to visit EGORAPTOR'S CHANNEL on Youtube!

In addition, I have a page on Facebook AND Twitter, so please check those out too, and "Like" and "Follow" them respectively to keep up to the second on mad cartoonage!



I always ALWAYS post all of my toons right here on Newgrounds. It is still my home and I will always be a part of this amazing community.

I am actually going to be opening myself up to participate in more Newgrounds community projects, and I hope you will too! Check out the
Newgrounds Movie Jam going on right now!! I will be animating a segment for it with help from Oney!. This will mark our first collaboration ever!!

In AWESOME NEWS, I have an awesome cartoon about Sonic the Hedgehog: Knuckles Chaotix called "Awesome Chaotix" Almost in the can! I should have it done before the end of the month for mad hilarity. I hope you like it as much as I have totally loved working on it!

Until next time my pretties.

New Awesome Cartoon VERY SOON + Youtube!

Posted by Egoraptor - December 9th, 2010


So I just released my rejected toon from the Newgrounds Street Fighter Collab, Ryu: Then and Now:

Click here to watch!!

I know I released this on Youtube a while back, the truth is I'm lazy and I was working on another cartoon entirely, so MNNYEP permission to hate me granted.

On that note I am working on a new toon about Knuckles Chaotix called, yep, 50% of you guessed it, Awesome Chaotix. Don't worry if you've never played it, I played it for about 6 minutes.

Also might do a really short, quick toon about Tron for the movie release... but I dunno about THAT one, still up in the air. We'll see.

Anyway hope you like the Ryu toon!

New/Old cartoon, and THE FUTURE, TODAY.

Posted by Egoraptor - November 25th, 2010

I made a new website. Now it's not ugly. Also everyone was so hard on the pink so it's not pink anymore. It's like.. melon now. getoverit!!!


I spent a lot of time on it just kidding I spent maybe 5 hours on it.

I'm planning on linking the "voice actor" and "animator" text to a voice demo and animation demo respectively, but neither of those exist. Man I'm so pro. What should the "dude" text link to? Maybe I'll randomize it or something. I was planning on randomizing the tagline underneath "Egoraptor" but I figured, 'eh, I'll do it later (never).

New awesome cartoon comin' soon, it's about Sonic the Hedgehog again!

It's also Thanksgiving in the US right now, so Happy Thanksgiving! I know we are celebrating being murderous assholes but, nobody needs an excuse to hang out with good people and eat, so even if you're not in the US, why don't you take the day to enjoy some peeps and eat some good food yeah?

Posted by Egoraptor - November 11th, 2010

This is.

/* */

Posted by Egoraptor - November 4th, 2010

I'm going to be a guest at Shadocon in Tampa, Florida THIS WEEKEND (Nov 5-7)

Come visit, share laughs, and cries, and dicks!


I might be selling drawings and I'll have I think two or three panels talking about flash animating and other sheeeittt and just generally being an idiot and hoping people like me. COME VISIT PLEASE THANKS

Posted by Egoraptor - October 4th, 2010

Hell yeah do you like HALO REACH?! Then you're IN MY LATEST CARTOON!!

Watch this monstrosity NOW!

This is just about how my Facebook wall looked when Halo Reach was coming out.

Awesome Reach!!