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I use Adobe Flash CS4 to make my Flash cartoons.

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Egoraptor's News

Posted by Egoraptor - October 22nd, 2009

Hello fellas!!

I'm about to catch a flight to Miami in a few hours. Why? Because I'm going to be a guest at Miami's first premiere gaming convention, Infinite Bits!

It's going to have every game IMAGINABLE, and of course I'm going to get my hand in on the action. I've got myself a panel where I'll probably talk about the cartoon creation process and also just fool around and interact with all the guests. I'll also have my own booth where you can come and shoot the shit, it'll be fun as HELL. I'll also be sure to show some videos that have never been seen by the public before. WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR!!!!!!!!!

SO IF YOU LIKE VIDEO GAMES, why not come down to Infinite Bits? It starts Friday and goes all through Sunday. You can still book a room and get tickets right now!

Hope to see you all there

Posted by Egoraptor - October 12th, 2009

Hey guys!!

I have a new weekly series out called Lemon 'n Bill. The first two episodes have come out already, every Sunday on Machinima.com is when it gets released! Check 'em out!

Watch Episode 1 HERE!

Watch Episode 2 HERE!!!

I'll make a post whenever a new one comes out. =)

I have a new movie comin to Newgrounds as well about Transformers, which will release alongside the DVD/Bluray release of the movie! HOOBOY!!! I've been a busy bee!! buzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuz buzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuzbuz



Lemon 'n Bill, my new series is out!!

Posted by Egoraptor - October 4th, 2009

The season premiere of Lemon 'n Bill is out NOW!! Watch it right here!! Sponsored by Machinima.com!!

Click here to watch!!

Every Sunday I'll be posting the newest episode of Lemon 'n Bill, I hope you like it! Feedback is welcome; episode 2 will be shorter based on the feedback I've gotten so far!

I'll post this on frontpage tomorrow, I can't post right now... 7 day limit thing

Lemon 'n Bill Episode 1 OUT NOW!

Posted by Egoraptor - September 29th, 2009

Hey everybody!! I've been hard at work on a million different game projects. As far as movies go, I'll have a new series coming out dangerously soon, and will be released weekly!! It's called Lemon 'n Bill. I have a couple other movies in the works, including a Transformers ROTF movie I plan on releasing alongside the dvd/bluray release.

ANYWAY! On to the IMPORTANT news!

There's a new sheriff in town, and his name is Bocodamondo. Tomamoto, Jaxxy, Eddsworld, and myself have all lent our voices to his latest piece of flash mastery and you can watch it RIGHT NOW!

Watch Coocking (bocodamondo) NOW!!!

I hope you enjoy what we've all worked so hard voicing for. Please give Bocodamondo a chance in this harsh entertainment world!!

Bocodamondo Coocking, a fresh new artist!!

Posted by Egoraptor - September 6th, 2009

Hey sorry shit happens I don't have time to PM and e-mail you all to assure you I'm who I am I have work to get back to, I appreciate the concern but it's been taken care of this was a minor inconvenience everything is better nothing has changed continue browsing NG thank you.

I apologize to all the art portal peeps who were fucked with it sucks I know it is completely my fault.

Anyway back to work!! <3

Posted by Egoraptor - September 6th, 2009

I'm sorry, my account was compromised. If anybody got any mean PMs or comments I assure you they were not from me.