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Egoraptor's News

Posted by Egoraptor - February 27th, 2010

Check out my latest toon!

Watch Mr. Literal NOW!

It's the first of a series of monthly cartoons I'll be releasing. Happy Harry and I will be slamming some awesome toons down your throats in the coming months, so hopefully you'll be satisfied with our goodies. ;D

Next month, I promise you, will be the third episode of Girlchan in Paradise!! Are you excited? Shit, I'm stoked to finally be getting on it. Tomamoto and I had a total blast writing it, and I think it's the funniest episode yet.

Hope you all enjoy. :D

NEW CARTOON!! Mr. Literal!!

Posted by Egoraptor - February 25th, 2010

Mr. Literal will be released this weekend! GET READY FOR A NEW EGORAPTOR PRODUCTION!!! YEEEAAHHHHHHHHH.

(PS I like it and I think it's funny I hope you do too)

Posted by Egoraptor - February 20th, 2010

I voiced the superhero in WTFuture. Seriously... I've gotten like 50 messages about this in my e-mail and inbox and formspring. I guess it means I'm doing my job right if people can't recognize me?


Posted by Egoraptor - February 6th, 2010

If you have any questions for me, you can dump them here and I will answer them fairly soon. :)

My Formspring Account

It's all anonymous and you don't have to have an account. Go for it!


Posted by Egoraptor - February 5th, 2010

I'm working on a new toon. Looks like I got some time to kill while Afro works his magic on Puzzmosis, so I'm going to spit something out in a week or so. B)

New Toon

Posted by Egoraptor - January 30th, 2010

Afro-Ninja and I are getting close to the end (though I don't want to step on my foot!!) of working on Puzzmosis... and it looks like immediately afterward I'll be moving on to doing some movies pretty frequently. Yes!!!

A big focus after this is going to be voice acting, though. I'll most likely be opening up my services for VA work after all of this is out and I'm settled back in (I plan a trip to Florida when I finish). Really, I never stopped voice acting for others, it's just I have an outdated demo and people apparently think I'm too good to ask or something. I'd feel wrong going back into voice acting without a formal demo or anything, so I'm going to make a really nice up to date demo. Yippeedoodle!

Hope all is well folks. Only a little while longer!

Reaching the end.

Posted by Egoraptor - January 18th, 2010

Hey guys! Just postin'.

The auditions are going well, I've basically just extended the deadlines a little bit. I'm excited to announce that Miss Osma has been officially casted!! I won't say who until I've decided on my Janice, but it's been a long and exciting road of auditions, I've gotten over 70!!! Can you believe it!?

Hey, while I'm here, what are your favorite puzzle games, and why? Mine are probably Magical Drop 3, Chu Chu Rocket, and good ol' Puzzle Fighter. They are all very fast paced, and I like this in a puzzle game, I think. Magical Drop is especially interesting, because it plays in a way you can combo things just by being fast, you don't necessarily have to build combos ahead of time and trigger them, you're playing the whole time, and it's exhilarating. So I ask, what are you favorites?


Posted by Egoraptor - January 2nd, 2010

Sup ya'll

So I've been pretty inactive because I've been busting my ass on a flash game with the amazingly talented Afro-Ninja. "Miss Osma's Puzzmosis" is coming closer to completion, and I'm now at the point where I'm confident to be casting for my female roles (didn't wanna waste anyone's time with a game that might not happen). There are no male openings, sorry all you voice actors out there. =(


There are two characters, with a POSSIBILITY of three. The third would be an announcer, who will PROBABLY be the voice of Miss Osma, but if I like a dissimilar voice that you offer, I may make an exception and have an extra voice for an announcer.

Please send a demo with your audition so I know your range. If you don't have one, just say so, but gimme some variety in your auditions. I do ask for specific things in my descriptions, but please feel free to have fun, get into character, show me what YOU think, and what you've got. The lines I give are mearly guidelines. Go nuts. Who knows, they might end up in the game! Remember I am a voice actor too, so I understand what it means to have fun with a role. =)

AS A PERSONAL NOTE: I am very much into unique, strange voices. Certainly a voice that fits, but one that may have a lisp, an imperfection; some kind of natural "quirk." Maybe a little deeper than normal, a little boyish... who knows? Maybe you're not even a voice actress, but you have a neat voice. Try it! I am soo NOT looking for "that anime girl" kind of sound, I want something fresh and exciting. Search all aspects you know of the characters and explore.


Capable Chemist Miss Osma
Click here for pictures of Osma

Miss Osma is your avatar in the game. She's a young chemist, with a bit of naivity, but nothing but heart and soul. She's spunky, fresh, but she's focussed, and intelligent. She's fighting with all her heart to develop a super-cure for most diseases, and she won't simply back down to constant discouragements. She believes her mission is infinitely more than just a pipe-dream; it is a reality just around the corner, all she has to do is turn it. She is very expressive and experiences the extremes of human emotion.

Possible Audition Lines:
"Yes, this is it!!" (triumphant, brainstormy)
"I knew that wouldn't work..." (pensive, perhaps defeated? perhaps uplifted?)
"Maybe this!!" (excited, eager)
"Aghh! My formula!!" (distressed)
"You know, a few of these formulas give me some great ideas! Thanks a bunch!" (grateful, accomplished)
"Oh oh oh oh, I got it!" (silly, hurried, too excited to contain)

Catty Chemist Janice Duvoir
Click here for pictures of Janice.

Janice is a manipulative seductress who will do anything to get to the top, which, yes, includes being a good chemist. She is arrogant, coldhearted, and she absolutely hates the idea of another woman chemist rising above her. She tries to mess up Osma's formulas, projecting sarcastically, using passive aggressive comments. There is no subtlety though, she makes it no mystery that she wants Miss Osma to fall flat on her face. She is, in the strictest sense, a total bitch. Perhaps not without reason, has she been crossed in the past? Untrusting of girls, ready for her revenge on all women.

Possible Audition Lines:
"Oh, isn't that a shame?" (sarcastic, biting)
"Ahh, maybe you should pay a little bit more attention, hmm?" (ditto)
"I'm on a completely different level!!" (superior, no uncertainty)
"Why do I keep seeing Sheith (pronounced sheeth) in her formulas?" (in desperation)
"Wouldn't want your breakthrough formula backfiring now would you?" (coniving, guilty and privvy to it)
"No!!" (ultimately distressed, as if her world is crumbling)

Please send all files to my e-mail, rotparoge@webmoron.net, with the word "audition" somewhere in the subject line. DO THIS BEFORE ANYTHING ELSE. You may (IN ADDITION TO THE PRIOR) post your auditions in this thread if you wish to make them public, I don't mind.

This project is heavily in progress, so immediate turn-around for the final lines is MANDATORY. If you can't get finished lines within a 3-4 day period, I WILL replace you. I don't WANT to, but I will. Please don't waste my time and yours if you know you can't get me lines quickly.

I suppose I will have this audition open for a week unless I find an amazing voice earlier than that. So get those auditions in!

Thanks, and good luck to everyone!! :)


Posted by Egoraptor - November 25th, 2009

I really don't want to neglect the NG blog!! I'm mostly tweeting (Follow me on twitter!!), and occasionally writing on egoraptor.net.

Although, lately there hasn't been much to say. I'm working very hard on a game I hope to get out really soon. After that I dunno what's next, but it'll be exciting, to say the least! This is a new experience, making a game. I'm designing everything myself, so it's a really big leap.

It's a puzzle game about chemists. I drew a lot of inspiration from classic arcade puzzle games, so it's going to have a lot of flashy graphics, neat character designs, and really pleasing and exciting sounds. I'm all about making a game a really nice, fun package and I hope you enjoy all the love I've put into it.

This is Miss Osma, the star. Say hi!

Oh Gosh

Posted by Egoraptor - November 14th, 2009



It's godamn BEAUTIFUL. I mean, I thought the shirt was nice, but this, this is 3D man! This is RAISED. You could press this shit into play-doh and have an inverted o-face. How fucking AWESOME. This is like an O-Face Medallion, an O-Face Deblume. In the sovereign nation of HOLY FUCK, this shit is CURRENCY. And the exchange rate is ludicrous boners.

If you had this shit on your keys, and you got into a car accident, at least the coroner would have a good laugh. Don't you wanna perpetuate hilarity even after death? Fuck yes you do. What better way than the O-Face keychain .