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The falling down joke... brilliant.

Let me reason with you.

I'm really disappointed in your ability to not listen to anything at all.

You have two people who have successfully made a career out of animation, joke telling, and design, and these are the two people you're adamantly choosing not to listen to.

I just think you genuinely don't understand anything about direction, story telling, character development, or visual design, but you're convinced that you do.

Your colors suck. Since the first time I ever talked to you I told you your colors suck and they still do. It's not a choice, it's not a "style," they're ugly. There's no harmony. I can't even describe where to start because it's all so wrong. Please paint or... something. Just get a handle on some color theory somehow, read some books, watch Thundercats.

Your characters are 2 dimensional and I find no joy in watching them. Okay, I get it, that was your choice. Great, but it's still boring. I could choose to put dogshit in a soup because it was my intention but it's still going to be disgusting soup. I find your characters' snarky archetypal "personalities" an embarrassing chore to sit through and I think a little humanizing and something any audience can relate to would add to them greatly. Also motivation helps. And backstory. Who are these people? What do they want? What do they like? Why should I like them?

The story... my god, what is even happening? Typically you set up some kind of clear conflict or motivation for the characters right away but, I don't know, nobody seemed to be attempting to accomplish something and none of the characters aahsdhgjhsgljh THIS MOVIE IS A MESS.

But look, I get everything you're trying to do, honestly I do, but you're failing at all of it. Clearly you wanted to write an engaging story and you failed. Clearly you wanted to make likeable characters and you failed. Clearly you wanted to have an appealing "style" that RPG fans can appreciate and you failed.

Your biggest problem is you can't even grasp the concept that you may be really bad at all the things you're trying to do "on purpose" and you're writing any criticism off as people just not getting it: it's not "our thing." Take a step back and realize that there are some people who deserve to be listened to because they know what the fuck they're talking about. They're not being mean, they're just being honest.


This one is amazing dude. It's super impressive animation-wise. All the weight and the movement agghh so good

TheBoogley responds:

they are a bunch of little fatties, but I don't think it's very appropriate for you to draw attention to their weight. Little blobby guys have feelings too you know... APOLOGISE!

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It looks like she's wearing a diaper.


Fucking awesome.

Solid game with a great concept and consistently interesting twists. Incredible presentation: the true understanding and the irony of each misleading concept is completely clear, and oftentimes hilarious.


Way too much at once, not enough time to ease into it, and a confusing execution of a decent idea. I was having fun when there were two layers, and 3 layers I could've handled, but beyond that, I was just grabbing at straws and starting to forget what was what, what buttons to press, etc etc.

Simple is best. You got it down in the visuals but the design needs some love.

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Hey Coop83 that was my mic he recorded it on :3:3:3:3:3:3:3


I love this Tomar it sounds really good on my headphones I wish I had time to animate it myself.


To address TsarBomba's comment, I really enjoyed the sfx from the game. It was a pleasant surprise, and it really brought me back into the feeling of the game when the hardcore rocking took me out of it a little. I can see why some people would not enjoy it, but as a Mega Man fan listening to a song made for Mega Man fans, it was awesome. :)

I wanna say starting off that I'm not a metal fan, but I can appreciate sweet metal tunes. This is my favorite of your Mega Man tracks because it fits the most. Flame Stag's level was totally metal, and all the arrangements transitioned well and everything was tight, accurate, and rockin'. The melody wasn't lost in all the bassy chugging and you could follow the tune really well. Then you added in that arpeggio melody halfway through that added this fullness to it, that really made the tune rockin'.

The drum machine was distracting, that cymbal crash is a little too piercing for me and sometimes I'd just think to myself "God I wish that cymbal would shut up so I can enjoy this."

I don't think that you can make just any tune metal, though I think with some skillful rearranging, anything is possible. What I've seen though is that your Mega Man metal tunes are pretty close to direct ports of the original sheet music, which is fine if you're playing instruments that match the originals, but you give them a strong metal boost, and a lot of the feeling and catchiness of the tunes are lost in that.

Lemme give you an example... Have you ever heard the Alph Lyra smooth jazz remixes of the Mega Man X songs? Those are great arrangements of Mega Man tracks that aren't just note for note remixes of the originals with a jazzy drumbeat in the background, they are complete reimaginations of the songs. They used the key, some of the melodies, and then just wrote around them as a base. Listening to them is a total delight, and for Mega Man fans it's really swell to hear those familiar melodies in a different light.

This song is your strongest (Mega Man remix), I think, because the original tune was already written in a Metal style, but the other tunes you redid weren't. I think you need to do some reworking when adapting songs into a metal style. I've heard your stuff and it's obvious you have the talent and ability, it's just a matter of pulling it off. :)

Good luck!

DarKsidE555 responds:

Egoraptor? Reviewing music? You gotta be shittin me!

Well...thanks a lot for the long and very detailed review...don't you got stuff to work on!? Stop listening to my Mega Man mixes! Shuu you! >:(

Anyways, lets get this over with, shall we? ;)

It's a nice surprise that you actually listened to a couple/all? of my Mega Man remixes/arrangements. As for the drums. I know about the problem here. It was actually the first time I tried some mastering on one of my tunes. The result was more or less pleasing. A plus was that I could push some frequencies and the loudness a bit in the direction I wanted to...the letdown was that I fucked up the dynamics. The cymbal really is too loud/high and I can understand that it's distracting. If you compare this with my Mega Man X2 - Zero's Theme v3 you'll hear a much clearer melted drumline with the rest. Mistakes are there to learn, ya know. ;)

To be honest...you're the first person that mentions a minus in the feeling/catchiness. I do understand this but a lot of feedback that I've recieved so far tells me the opposite, so you're pretty much alone there. :) Of course it's ALWAYS a matter of taste and it's clear that not EVERY Mega Man tune can be metalized...Though, on the other hand...there are so many "crappy" techno remixes out there and I'm just one of a few musicians that sees something else in those tunes. It's not that I'm a hardcore Mega Man fan myself. ;)

I hardly bend myself to sheet music. It's all tabbed out by me and as you can hear with my Mega Man X2 - Zero's Theme v3, it's nearly a complete original song.

Sure thing I've heard about Alph Lyra but I intend to give people a taste of the original and then go into my own little version of the song. It's just my way of "doing" it. We're all trying to be original after all...right?

Tell you a little secret...I'm currently only satisfied with only four of my remixes/covers. I like to provide quality stuff - playing and soundwise and I only think that my newer arrangements stand out a bit. That's why I didn't record stuff for a good while now. I wanted to come clean with a couple of things for myself. But I'll start to record again this week so watch out, there will be more.

Aaanyways, I should end this in depth analysis for now. ;)

Thank you very much for your time listening/reading/reviewing.

Haha wow.

The lyrics were hilarious but the instrumentals were so cool it totally carried them to a point where I totally enjoyed the lyrics for their corniness.

I'm a fan.

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Hahaha oh man. Tom do you remember saying this? It was totally you that inspired this joke.

Not that you have a tiny head.

cool man

this is super Dali like. I like Dali. I like you.

MiddleFingerRings responds:

I like you too, lad.

I'm a blue wearing machine

Look at me wear that blue

AlmightyHans responds:

would you rather wear another color?

I use Adobe Flash CS4 to make my Flash cartoons.

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