Okay I get it

2009-09-06 18:33:16 by Egoraptor

Hey sorry shit happens I don't have time to PM and e-mail you all to assure you I'm who I am I have work to get back to, I appreciate the concern but it's been taken care of this was a minor inconvenience everything is better nothing has changed continue browsing NG thank you.

I apologize to all the art portal peeps who were fucked with it sucks I know it is completely my fault.

Anyway back to work!! <3


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2009-09-06 18:36:00

i have a small penis


2009-09-06 18:36:57

Well glad thats over.....


2009-09-06 18:38:05

Dude it's alright! man this crap happens and stuff so I don't think there will be too many people out there who are angry. They'll understand. Oh and good luck on any of your work! I love the awesome series!


2009-09-06 18:44:07

Is it weird that my dream last night was that my NG account got hacked and today you got hacked?


2009-09-06 18:44:57

You gonna submit that art again?


2009-09-06 18:48:34

And so begins the woeful tale of Egoraptor moving on to bigger and better things for more money and less recognition.


2009-09-06 18:58:10



2009-09-06 18:59:51

glad you're back ego, just remember to NEVER go to Nevvgrounds.com again!!


2009-09-06 19:02:42

That was pretty weird and I saw some strange stuff


2009-09-06 19:11:26

oh and so I don't sound like a dick I got that nevvgrounds info from lxintro on CN.


2009-09-06 19:15:50

Mmhmm B)


2009-09-06 19:17:01

its ok its those imbred duck division i should be mad at

don't blame yourself


2009-09-06 19:19:25

are you gunna change your profile pic know i mean cmon its the right time
also nevvgrounds, i woulda fell for it


2009-09-06 19:29:52

I still can't believe you were hacked... The guys from the Duck division are assholes, I don't know why anybody would want to do something like that.


2009-09-06 19:37:13

I am glad everything is okay now.


2009-09-06 19:42:27

I love you Egoraptor <3


2009-09-06 19:44:52

I'm glad that you're back Ego and it wasn't your fault that your account got hacked.

The Duck Division are bastards and are just looking to get attention from their silly and stupid antics.


2009-09-06 19:48:55

Are you fucking serious man. Fuck the piece of shit who hacked you.


2009-09-06 19:51:25

Oh dam I thought you were just fuckin' with me. I sent a similar message back, but if that wasn't you, no hard feelings brah.


2009-09-06 19:58:41

Yay the real eoraptor is back! but your account stuff is gone. but oh well.


2009-09-06 20:19:39

Dude...not your fault bro.

da Ducks are Dicks yo.

Take Care Bra.


2009-09-06 21:13:11

damn...when i see all of those shits in your account i just realised "Someone hacked Ego" then i runaway (In my sit) to your page (egoraptor.net) and posted that someone stole your account...but it was a hack...i was berry close to quit you from my favorites (+ u r the only one i have -_-)...thanks god u r back...

PS: "Oh shit I sayd that on camara!" (U know what i mean, good luck in that! :D)


2009-09-06 21:27:20

At least it wasn't as bad as Illwillpress's hack, where someone posted a crap submission.


2009-09-06 21:32:18

glad you're back again.


2009-09-06 21:57:13

Maaaan, I wonder how it's possible to hack an account anyway... did they trick you into you giving them your password?

Man, aren't we all so freaking glad you can't delete flashes when they get to 1000 votes?


2009-09-06 22:33:22

I'm guessing they only wanted to get on a very popular person's case, just for their own manipulation, which is pretty gay as hell, but anyway...

I'm glad you're back, and someone like you doesn't deserve that BS. I don't think some morons like them that have nothing better to do than to attempt ruining others with actual pride (because we all know they wouldn't have any to stand behind...).

Glad you're back, my man! :D


2009-09-06 22:50:48

You bastard. How could you post that?


2009-09-06 22:55:21

lol..................just, lol


2009-09-06 23:18:20

Yeah, yeah, we've heard it all before. Fact is, you should have been smarter than to make yourself a target and then get yourself yeeked. You knew perfectly well that the spammers opposed you, and you were not careful. I don't see why Wade doesn't demod you like he did to the other yeeked mods: they did much more damage with this account than they did with, say, KaynSlamdyke.

Egoraptor responds:

no shit bub spare me the lecture


2009-09-06 23:38:17

We hate you! :D


2009-09-06 23:41:11

Glad to see that you aren't THAT pissed about what happened. Sooner or later, the people that did this will get their just desserts. Anyway, keep up the good work and try to remember fans like me during the hard times.


2009-09-07 00:13:48

so what exactly happened? (sorry if i seem niave noone clues me in on anything anymore) :|


2009-09-07 00:27:47

Hm, that splickz character seems to be an automated program, therefore, nonexistent. So why even let it get on your page? Unless... you still are stressed. Just don't lose it again, k?


2009-09-07 00:56:22

Huh, damn. Hope ya thought up a super secure new password, they're rough to make, eh?

Egoraptor responds:

took me 2 weeks


2009-09-07 01:15:52

Man How the hell am I supposed to be scouted now?
And I was just starting to get some nice reviews. *Sigh*

This is more of the art portals fault than yours really. I mean when someone powerful in the art community gets unscouted it creates a huge domino effect, if you ask me, I think there will be constant attempts to hack people at the core of the art community so that it will create constant chaos.

I'm just saying, some body has to clean this mess up, how the hell are people gonna recover? and how often will these mass artist dissapearences happen?


2009-09-07 01:58:01

That seriously blows, I figured something was wrong when your icon was a basic one. Sorry, this made me think of Queens song Don't Stop Me Now.


2009-09-07 02:43:13

So are you going to put back your original icons?


2009-09-07 03:21:23

A gift:
VgbXVvH3BM4J:egoraptor.newgrounds.com /favorites/+http://egoraptor.newgroun ds.com/favorites/&cd=2&hl=en&

Your old favorites! Yay!
Remove the spaces, of course.

Egoraptor responds:

That's pretty cool man thanks!


2009-09-07 03:26:02

My god that was a long runon sentence.

But yeah, that sucked. Glad you're back.


2009-09-07 04:00:45

User: TomFulp
Pass: 5n3tB2k17n


2009-09-07 05:22:28

Y'know I actually thought that it was a joke at first when I saw the thread Canas made and your post.


2009-09-07 05:29:36

Yeah, most of these people are idiots. Not a reflection on you though.


2009-09-07 05:37:52

haha Dude! no one is angry at you, i just think every one is angry at the duck division spazz-amataz's.


2009-09-07 05:39:48

What da fuck happened now?

Egorapter............what the hell happened to your profile?


2009-09-07 06:12:40

it's totally shit you got hacked, net dweeb virus fuckers are arse holes... hope you get shit sorted out soon... good luck with your current project with afro ^^ x


2009-09-07 06:31:31

Oh! that's why they didn't delete your submissions, because they couldn't oh wow thats such a relief.. thank god that rule is there.. so sorry that had to happen atleast not too much damage was done, imagine if mga2 was deleted... *shivers*

Hope u get back on ur feet soon bro


2009-09-07 06:45:47

It was obvious that you have been hacked. Nobody believes you could post such disgusting messages.
It must be a really worrying situation for you, but forget those guy from DD and good luck.

'scuse me for my poor level in english (i'm french) and i want you to know that i'm a huge fan of your work since the early beginning.


2009-09-07 08:29:35

why would someone steal NG-account... Girlchan in paradise 3 and that Fuck Ni Gg Ers in RSS is not yours?


2009-09-07 11:37:52

We all know you got Hacked egoraptor


2009-09-07 12:31:47

Fleek, Ego is one of the people newgrounds is built on and it would be meaningless to demod him. Blame the idiots that did this instead