New website!

2010-11-25 11:05:44 by Egoraptor

I made a new website. Now it's not ugly. Also everyone was so hard on the pink so it's not pink anymore. It's like.. melon now. getoverit!!!

I spent a lot of time on it just kidding I spent maybe 5 hours on it.

I'm planning on linking the "voice actor" and "animator" text to a voice demo and animation demo respectively, but neither of those exist. Man I'm so pro. What should the "dude" text link to? Maybe I'll randomize it or something. I was planning on randomizing the tagline underneath "Egoraptor" but I figured, 'eh, I'll do it later (never).

New awesome cartoon comin' soon, it's about Sonic the Hedgehog again!

It's also Thanksgiving in the US right now, so Happy Thanksgiving! I know we are celebrating being murderous assholes but, nobody needs an excuse to hang out with good people and eat, so even if you're not in the US, why don't you take the day to enjoy some peeps and eat some good food yeah?


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2010-11-25 11:08:58

nice wan san

Egoraptor responds:

nice oney


2010-11-25 11:09:44

you should make the links open in a new tab. It'll keep people on your site for longer.
Just sayin.

Egoraptor responds:

they do bro


2010-11-25 11:11:30

Ah, they do, except the facebook one.

Egoraptor responds:

oh shitstain you're right better fix that thanks bru


2010-11-25 11:12:40

But i like pink.
What i dont like is flash websites and social networking site buttons.
Also im not too fond of you.
All in all this website of yours does not excite me.

Egoraptor responds:

I like pink too but it was time for a change imo

I'm sorry you have odd tastes in functionality and that you don't like me.


2010-11-25 11:16:28

Why did you get rid of the PINK????

Egoraptor responds:

I know right?! I'm just bad at designing with pink I think.


2010-11-25 11:21:19

i was wondering what happened last night.
AND YEAH why get rid of the pink? that's what made you fabulous :o

and how the hell do i navigate to your news post UGH ¬-¬


Egoraptor responds:

what news post, there's no blog on my website anymore silly


2010-11-25 11:28:13

Which international and national cartoons have you voiced on? No joke I wanna see 'em, 'cuz I had no idea.

Egoraptor responds:

Snow White and Animaniacs.


2010-11-25 11:29:29

Other than the now-fixed-facebook link, I must say the new website is quite crisp.
quite crisp indeed.

Egoraptor responds:

Thanks man I appreciate that :D


2010-11-25 11:32:59

Oh yay, you're finally working on your demo. :) Did you still want me to mix it?

Egoraptor responds:

That would be really swell of you Sapph, if the offer's still open I'll definitely take you up on it. :)


2010-11-25 11:34:42

So what are you thankful for?

Egoraptor responds:

I'm thankful for diarrhea jokes.


2010-11-25 11:36:29

Yeah man add a demo so people who were living in thier basement for 30 years can know what you sound like!

Egoraptor responds:

I'm a household name, except for the basement.


2010-11-25 11:39:28

Of course I'll do it. Just let me know when you get around to recording for them.


2010-11-25 11:42:40

No seriously I'm not tryin' to be sarcastic, if imdb is outdated I just wanna know so I can check it out.

Egoraptor responds:

I wasn't on pokemon


2010-11-25 11:48:20

I know you and Josh were shopping around your demos a couple years, did you guys end up getting gigs?

Egoraptor responds:

maaaan what does it matter bro I'm in a lot of things just because it was on some people's box in front of a couch instead of a computer chair doesn't make it anymore exciting


2010-11-25 11:55:24

Dude that is like ..... the most detailed website ever :P


2010-11-25 11:58:22

Wait you live in chicago? i lives in the subs :D

Egoraptor responds:

I live in Chicago? Woah man where'd you hear that?


2010-11-25 11:59:39

But it IS exciting! I really wanted you two to start doin' this professionally 'cuz you deserve it.

Egoraptor responds:

I've been doing this professionally for years now man what are you some kinda putz


2010-11-25 12:02:07

Referring to Kirbopher's comment: You were in a professional role though Ego, that's something.

Egoraptor responds:

it's neat man


2010-11-25 12:04:17

Lolsorry i sorta woke up and looked back i read something wrong lol L:D i likes your animations and your art style that a better comment lol and website needs blog


2010-11-25 12:04:51

Putz? Well I AM from New York.

But no seriously other than the game voices I've had no idea what you've been doing all this time, you gotta get a resume on there or something, or update your imdb so I can check 'em out.

Egoraptor responds:



2010-11-25 12:06:35

Simplicity is great for those seeking the essentials. From a networking capacity the built blog is a lot less helpful than one would imagine. A resume is more than sufficient, rather than posting about project and having casting folk sift through it all.

Once you get your demo page up, I'd suggest linking up some audio with video clips :)
I only say "suggest" because my wife and I run a graphic design company that specializes in websites for VAs, though few have much of animation background. (

I don't know what your home recording capabilities are, but I'd be happy to get your demos to Edge Studio ( Despite their website, they're one of the nations most successful recording studios. Though animation vo work is a fairly rare thing now ... and virtually none of it is union. If you have straight demo, there's plenty of non-union narration work ($50 to $150 an hour ... not a gold mine, but nice).

Lemme know if you're interested and happy T-day.

Egoraptor responds:

Ahh yeah very nice, this totally puts my page to shame haha.

I dunno exactly what you're offering but I'll keep it in mind when I'm throwing a demo all around, thanks for the help man. :)


2010-11-25 12:08:03



2010-11-25 12:09:26

It's better than the last one..
The last one looked kinda gay (sorry)


2010-11-25 12:12:33

I like it


2010-11-25 12:13:50

silly text on the information box about you.. change that

Egoraptor responds:

change your face


2010-11-25 12:20:07

Oh where can i watch the old animations you've made? Some of them (if not all) were on your site. Example: The animation you made to your dad (your present was that you weren't gay, but your brother probably is) I might mix it with a different animation, but hopefully not :D


2010-11-25 12:25:08

In terms of web stuff, I could offer advice, and knowledge we've gathered from casting directors for VO in regards to websites.

In terms of your demos, I was really just offering to submit them and make sure they reached the right people. That's not a promise of immediate work, especially if you're aiming solely for animation character work. I don't see this as shooting myself in the foot, because I couldn't imagine too many projects where we'd be competing for a role.

Basically, if you'd like your demos to be heard by Edge, I'd love to help. After all, from what I've seen/heard your talent speaks for itself, and really, it would make me look good too :)

no more biz talk, go stuff your face


2010-11-25 12:34:43

Oh yeah so how's MGA 3 coming along..?
You promised it about 1 year and 5 months ago in a japan minute video :(
If you don't reply i take it as ''Never coming''


2010-11-25 12:36:11

o fuck i forgot...happy turkey day =P


2010-11-25 12:38:09

Good job, citrus tits. Make some more block heads and pico's, kthnxbai.


2010-11-25 12:55:59

Thats nifty egowaffles!


2010-11-25 12:56:08

Not sure you have the experience to be a professional dude but im willing to give you a shot

Egoraptor responds:

thanks luis you're always lookin out for me


2010-11-25 13:00:52

Riding the comment shitstorm.

Nice to see you


2010-11-25 13:01:28

Wow wtf it posted my comment before I finished it and now I can't be asked to write it again argh

Stupid Newpoop.


2010-11-25 13:25:13

That's great but, I have a question.

My friend has lived in Alaska, but he has never wrestled a polar bear, what methods should I use to show him the errors of his ways?


2010-11-25 13:49:43

I just need you to know that you have your own little fan club in Tigre, Buenos Aires, Argentina. And that we adore your shorts. (shorts as your tiny pants)


2010-11-25 14:03:34

Awesome Colours I'm guessing?


2010-11-25 14:14:00

I agree with Luis - I'm not sure if you should be considered a professional just yet.

But first, I apologize for my slanderous comments about some of your previous Flashes. I realize that allot of what I said/wrote wasn't as constructive as it should be. It was more of just my reaction.

I do think allot of your stuff is good, just not great. *I know that's kinda adding insult to injury, but....I just need to be honest. Doesn't mean I hate you.

Egoraptor responds:

Wow dude, just wow


2010-11-25 14:18:25

My favorite part is when the buttons go BOINGOINGOING!

I also really want watermellon bubbleyum after viewing said site.


2010-11-25 14:18:54

I wanna see the television shows you voiced in. I never knew you did that stuff.


2010-11-25 14:36:33



2010-11-25 14:44:22

Nice idea, and it looks kinky too. A suggestion maybe? Show off your voice acting skills when you roll over the main buttons with random words - but i like the simple clean idea and melon owns :D


2010-11-25 14:57:19

What are your dude credentials?

Egoraptor responds:

let me fax you my resume


2010-11-25 15:09:11

AAA WHAT HAPPENED TO ALL THE COOL STUFF THAT WAS ON YOUR WEBSITE BEFO ps i like the new color brah pink was good too tho


2010-11-25 15:18:55

thanksgiving in November?!? OUTRAGEOUS!

We don't celebrate wacky things like that in canada


2010-11-25 16:01:03

LOL your website is like my wesbite XD. I laughed when i saw the HTML codes almost the same copy as mine :P

Egoraptor responds:

I totally CnPd it.


2010-11-25 16:22:01

-Insert Random Dick Joke Here-


2010-11-25 16:40:59

You still gonna have a link to your artwork?


2010-11-25 16:45:14

My moms American friend invited us over for a Thanksgiving dinner since we had nothing better to do anyways and he had no one to spend Thanksgiving with over here.

It felt like any other meal IMO. Nothing super-special. Was I missing something?


2010-11-25 16:50:42

looks awesome.