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Sequelitis 2 is out now! MEGA MAN!

Posted by Egoraptor - November 1st, 2011

Hey check it, I made episode 2 of Sequelitis!

I would really love to upload it here but, you know, it's mostly video and less animation. Hope you guys like it! :)

I'm still animating. Things have been slow 'cause I moved to Palmdale and the move was pretty strenuous. I've got a Pokemon flash comin' out really soon, an then beyond that, Tomamoto has been urging me to finish Girlchan 4. Couldn't agree more!!

How you guys been?

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Brb, selling that one kidney they didn't remove from me from birth to buy SNES/Megaman X.

(You don't need those to live right?)

Great vid.

Great job. I was totally prepared for you to bash mega man x. But you made some really good points that I want to try to use to make my games better.... when I finally get to actually making it and stop just planning.

Nice work, man.

Can't wait for more Girlchan, too!

Hope the move went well.

You are one of my favourite creators of famous newgrounds media. Thank you for make this.....BUFFERING???? WHAT THE FUCK!!!!!!!!!

ahah that was great

nice work

That was pretty informative mega man commentary
but how about rockman? pp

also congrats on gettin on Tester, cant wait to watch that

OMG I LOVE MEGA MAN X TOO!!! when i was a kid, i would purposely forget the passcodes so i could start the game over! but where the F do i get hadoken upgrade!?!?!?

lol, hell yes. I was always a Mega Man fan through the NES, and I'll never forget the day I went over to a friends house as a little kid and played the first Mega Man X for the first time. Totally enthralled, well made review!

The Mega Man X video is really fun but ONE question about the end... IS IT REALLY amazing that you have the opportunity to re-grind before fighting the final boss? You already proved once you can grind and build up your subtanks, so the satisfaction would come from proving you can beat Sigma, but instead you have to repeat the grinding portion every time before you can do it. JUST SAYIN'

It's a point that's better subtitled something like "nice gestures by the devs," but I think it's a subjective point anyway, and I'm happy to discuss it.

Let's say if you die, the subtank situation is easily refilled by like a capsule or something. This saves time, but it also creates sort of an invincibility complex, wherein you are now granted infinite, unpunished continues. Losing against Sigma now isn't very potent. Oh I died, whatever, start over.

On the other hand, if the devs gave you absolutely no way to refill your subtanks, a loss would be a colossal waste of time. If you weren't even capable of defeating Sigma with 4 subtanks, demanding of you now to defeat him with absolutely none is ludicrous, and would certainly be a turnoff especially in the scenario where you have a ton of lives.

The beauty is in the balance that they punish you to a tolerable degree. You immediately respawn and are given an opportunity to grind back up. It's a little boring, but the punishment creates more tension in the battle, and gives you a greater sense of accomplishment and sense of loss in a win or loss scenario respectively.

I was listening too Hollywood Undead, but when I seen this, I immedeitly turned it off and played the video. It would be awesome if your my teacher, so that way I don't fall asleep during class. Your epic!


you killed me with "they don't know Obama." i fucking lol'd.

Made me want to play the game again! :3

Ahhh... a great review/tribute to a great series of games... Bravo :)

Yay its out i love these also holy shit Tom Fulp commented you should feel proud but the vid was awesome:D

It was really good.

i hope we get a chance to see the winner of the Girlchan contest in the next ep - - new sequelitis was awesome too!

OH FINALLY! I wanted another one o these, I thought the Castlevania one was good.

HEY guess which TV show I suddenly give a shit about now!


Oh right yea I guess there's like 80 of these games.

awesome movie, however you were so hyper all the time. Are you also like this in real life? :p

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